Cheer Tumble Classes

Our cheer tumble classes offer an hour of teaching cheerleaders the proper technique of all aspects of tumbling starting with back walk-overs, cartwheels, round-offs and more,  leading up to back handsprings, back tucks and above. The classes will get to take advantage of our Olympic size trampoline and tumble track. Our much experienced tumble coaches are all certified by USASF in levels 1-5. This beneficial class will provide a safe environment for our participants to excel.

Classes available:

Monday  - Friday 5pm-6pm, Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30pm,

Saturday - 9:30am-10:30am & 10:30 - 11:30am

Elite Level Tumble Class -Monday - Friday 6pm - 7pm (must have a tuck or higher)

** These times don't work? With 5 or more, we can set up a private class.

Private classes available for cheer teams.


$75 per month.  ** First and last payment due at registration ($150.00) **

Registration fee - $30 per year

Purchase 3month $10.00 off = $215.00

Purchase 6 months $30.00 off = $420.00

Purchase 10 months $75.00 off = $675.00 (Free month)



*Platinum Athletics Cheer offers a full year and half year All Star Cheerleading Program. We take great pride in our athletes and ensure the best training.

*Ages 4 & Up
*All our staff members are USASF Certified levels 1-5
*All our staff members are safety & CPR certified
*Now offering levels 1-5 for our upcoming season!
*Ask about our camps, clinics, choreography & cheer tumble classes!

Full Year: Our Full year season goes continuously through out the year. Competitions are up and down the east coast from December to May. We have open enrollment all year long and offer a team for all ages and ability. We help our athletes excel to their fullest potential. Levels 1-5 are offered for our upcoming season.  Join our PAC Family!!

Half year: Our half year season starts in December and ends in June. Our teams compete in March & April. Competitions are more local. This best fits our athletes who participate in their youth league, middle school or high school teams who want to try all star cheerleading as well. Our athletes progress in all aspects of cheerleading including stunting, tumbling and more! Our half year evaluation dates are to be determined.


Full Year Cheerleading $140 per month (levels 1-4) or $165 per month (level 5)

Half Year Cheerleading $ 110 per month

*10% off Siblings

** Registration fee - $30 per year


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